Public Access Desktops

Public Access Desktop Computers (PACs)

Yates County Law Library web databases (Lexis and Loislaw) may be used in excess of one hour per day if necessary. For continuous time to search them we suggest reserving time on the PAC.

Black and white prints cost $.25 per page; partial color $.50 and full pages in color are $1.00 each. Prints must be picked up at the circulation desk.

To save your work, print it, save to a portable device, or email it to yourself.  All work will be lost at ‘log off’.

The PAC computers are virus free but we cannot guarantee that your material will not be infected from the Internet.

Internet Access

Internet use must be consistent with the Library Use Policy and the Public Access Internet Policy.  Respect should be shown to other library users and staff and noise levels should be kept down.  Respect for the privacy and sensibility of others should be shown by not displaying images which are likely to prove objectionable.

Children under 6 must have a parent or guardian present with them at the PACs.  Children ages 6-16 without a signed Internet permission form may use the PACs with no Internet access.  Children under 16 who wish to use the PAC independently must have a library card and permission form on file signed by a parent or guardian.  Permission forms are available at the front desk.