November 2014 Minutes



Present: Peter Gamba, Diane Krans, Marty Roberts, Tom Barron, Deborah Connelly, Kristen Flynn-Comstock

Absent:  Rich Stewart, Michelle Morehouse, Sandi Perl

Staff: Angela Gonzalez, Alex Andrasik

Members of the Public: none

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m. by Peter Gamba.

Adoption of Agenda:    Marty Roberts moved to adopt the agenda. This motion was seconded by Tom Barron. The motion passed unanimously.

Acceptance of Minutes:  Tom Barron moved to accept the minutes. This motion was seconded by Marty Roberts. The motion passed unanimously. Kristen Flynn-Comstock abstained from voting.

Financial Review:   Marty Roberts moved to pay the bills for October 2014. This motion was seconded by Diane Krans. The motion passed unanimously.

Director’s Report: see attached report

Standing Committee Reports


A. Finance Committee: (schedule a meeting)

B. Policy Review committee:  (schedule regular meeting starting in January)


C. Building committee: did not meet.


D. Nominating committee: (Sandi, Deb 2015).


E. Personnel committee: (needs to schedule a meeting).

Old Business


• STLS Integrated Library System switch progress: Angela reports that this process is proceeding well.

  • Building Maintenance ad hoc committee (will meet with      energy auditor) Energy auditor’s report is almost finished, then committee      will meet with him after report is done.
  • Strategic Planning ad hoc committee: Table talks are      completed. Committee will meet to review information.
  • Conflict of interest forms (Deb)


New Business

  •  General Policy 4.3 Loan Period for Projector 3 weeks to 1 week.  Discussion was heard on the policy.
  • Scheduling- bank for opening CD’s, vote date.  Tuesday April 14, 2015.
  • Discussion was heard on considering whether or not to have a 2 percent cap on the budget.

A motion was made to adjourn at 7:11 pm by Marty Roberts and seconded by Diane Krans.  The motion passed unanimously.