December 2014 Minutes





Present: Peter Gamba, Diane Krans, Marty Roberts, Deborah Connelly, Kristen Flynn-Comstock, Rich Stewart, Michelle Morehouse


Absent:  Sandi Perl, Tom Barron


Staff: Angela Gonzalez


Members of the Public: none


The meeting was called to order at 6:34 p.m. by Peter Gamba.


Adoption of Agenda: Michelle Morehouse moved to adopt the agenda. This motion was seconded by Diane Krans. The motion passed unanimously.


Acceptance of Minutes: Diane Krans moved to accept the minutes. This motion was seconded by Michelle Morehouse. The motion passed unanimously. Rich Stewart abstained.


Financial Review: Marty Roberts moved to pay the bills for November 2014. This motion was seconded by Diane Krans. The motion passed unanimously.


Director’s Report: see attached report


Standing Committee Reports


A. Finance Committee: (met 11/24 and 12/2) See attached proposed budget.

2 percent cap discussion, Board is considering not having a 2% cap.

B. Policy Review committee:  (regular meeting starting in January).


C. Building committee: did not meet.


D. Nominating committee: (Sandi, Deb 2015).


E. Personnel committee: (needs to schedule a meeting).



Old Business


  • Building Maintenance ad hoc committee (will meet with      energy auditor on Monday 12/22 at 3:30pm.)
  • Strategic Planning ad hoc committee: (needs to meet in      January)
  • General Policy 4.3 Loan Period for Projector 3 weeks to 1      week

A motion was made by Diane Krans to amend General Policy 4.3 Loan Policy to state a 1 week loan period.  It was seconded by Marty Roberts.  It passed unanimously.


New Business

  •  2015-2016 Finance Committee Proposed Budget, Budget will be voted on in January 2015.
  • Budget Hearing April 7th, 2015,Library Vote is April 14, 2015
  • Pre-Payment of invoices resolution in January
  • The governing board of a local government or school district generally may, by resolution, authorize payment in advance for public utility services, postage, freight, and express charges.  However, these claims should be audited as soon as possible after payment and included on the next abstract as prepaid amounts.  Public utility services generally include electric, gas, water, sewer, and telephone services.-NYS OSC Improving the Effectiveness of Your Claims Auditing Process



A motion was made to adjourn at 7:05 pm by Marty Roberts and seconded by Deb Connelly.  The motion passed unanimously.