Penn Yan Public Library

Library Use Policy

Adopted  6-15-00

Revised 11-17-05

Revised 3-19-09

The purpose of the library is to serve all members of the community with information and materials, and to provide the staff to assist in that endeavor. The atmosphere of the library building and grounds must be safe and comfortable so as to invite use of materials and enable the staff to aid users when requested

All library users are expected to behave in a way which respects the library building and materials, and the rights and ability of others to use the library as it is intended.  Such behaviors include, but are not limited to:

*Refraining from smoking anywhere on the library grounds.

*Speaking in a moderate voice so as not to disturb others.

*Walking, and sitting, so as not to endanger yourself or others.

*Allowing the staff to carry out their duties.

Parents, or guardians, are responsible for the behavior of their children. Library staff is not responsible for the supervision of unattended children.

Library users who fail to behave appropriately may be asked to leave the library property.

In the case of an emergency, the appropriate law enforcement or medical authorities will be called.  Library staff will make reasonable efforts to notify absent parents.